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Test Rx® by Formutech Nutrition is a brand new cutting edge testosterone booster that will give you extraordinary results. This advanced product increases testosterone by using both natural and hormonal ingredients. This innovative approach gives you superior results, optimizing the body’s hormone levels, resulting in increased mass, greater strength, and an enhanced sex drive. Test-RX contains natural and hormonal testosterone boosting ingredients. These compounds work synergistically to create a harder, dryer, and more vascular looking physique by increasing the body’s levels of testosterone. You can also expect greater sperm production and a dramatically increased libido!

What good is a potent formula if it does not get delivered to the target cells? Test Rx® features Cyclosome Delivery™, which is the most advanced oral delivery technology ever developed. This innovative delivery system is the best solution to the problem of driving poorly absorbed testosterone boosting compounds into the body in an effective manner. This technology has been used by the pharmaceutical industry for years and is only now making its way to the supplement industry.