Archetype Tru Bhb Salted Caramel

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When the body switches from utilizing carbohydrates as fuel to using fat as fuel, it begins producing ketones – mainly BHB (beta-hydroxybutyrate) – and induces a state known as “ketosis.”

The exogenous (supplemental) ketones found in TRU BHB™ are bio-identical to the endogenous ketones generated by our own bodies, thereby providing a shortcut to ketosis.

In their supplemental form, exogenous ketones are bound to an electrolyte mineral to form a salt. Salts quickly dissolve in water, freeing BHB and its partnered mineral.

While other exogenous ketone supplements mainly feature sodium, TRU BHB™ uses a balanced approach – with sodium, magnesium, calcium, and most importantly, potassium.

Our bodies require all 4 electrolytes. However, it requires potassium the most – 4,700mg per day! Those succeeding with a ketogenic diet know that electrolytes help prevent muscle cramps and other symptoms of “keto flu.”

TRU BHB™ also features coconut oil powder. By providing a source of MCT alongside BHB, TRU BHB™ doesn’t just temporarily provide the benefits of ketosis – it helps teach the body to generate its own ketones!

For each of these reasons and more, TRU BHB™ is the best ketone supplement available.